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Here you will find any scale for professional applications in industry, trade und retail. Regardless of where your business weighs in - you'll find the right scale at Scales and Measuring.

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  • Basic balances

    Basic balances like Pocket balances, school balances

  • Bench scales

    Compact industrial weighing technology

    Thanks to their compact dimensions, low weight, robust internal mechanism and the fact that they can be operated independent of mains power, bench scales can be used not only in a stationary situation, but also as mobile scales. With weighing ranges between 3 kg and 65 kg, bench scales can cover a wide range of applications. Whether as a commissioning scale in the warehouse, for inventory purposes, on a production work station, in quality control, in small workshops, in service cars or in sales offices, bench scales are the first choice.

    Durable stainless steel weighing plates, easy to read backlit displays, useful functions such as piece counting, PRE-TARE – subtraction of a known container weight, or ▸ interfaces to PC and printer, all these support the users in their daily work.
    Dual range scales cover a particularly wide range of applications. With these scales, the total weighing range is divided into 2 subranges and begins with a high resolution read-out in the fine weighing range. If this range is exceeded the balance automatically switches to the higher weighing range with the lower resolution read-out.

    All KERN bench scales have an adjustment program (CAL) to adjust the accuracy. In this way, the high level of accuracy is guaranteed at all times, even during harsh everyday use.

    Touchscreen balances

    The newest development for an even greater level of user-friendliness is the intuitive touchscreen operation, which is being integrated into new KERN models,

  • Parcel scales

    Parcel scales with big platform for fast and easy weighing in the office, production, dispatch etc.

  • Stainless steel scales

    Stainless steel scales protected against dust and water splashes

    Scales used in industrial situations or the food industry are often exposed to extreme stresses and strains. Water, oils, fats, varnish, dust, dirt, flour, small parts etc. are all natural enemies of a scale. In industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing industries, etc. scales must be able to cope with these stresses without this affecting their performance.

    For use in such harsh environmental conditions, levels of protection are defined, which specify which environmental stresses a system can be exposed to with respect to the level of contact, foreign object and moisture protection, without damage being caused to the unit. These levels of protection are described in the following standard: “DIN EN 60529: protection types through housing” The IP code usually consists of a two-digit combination, which gives the relevant level of protection, e.g. IP68.

    High quality stainless steel

    All stainless steel components of the IP65...68 protected KERN stainless steel scales are made of corrosion-resistant steel of quality class 1.4301 (DIN X5CrNi18-10). The material properties support you in your HACCP-compliant quality system.


    Stainless steel scales Protection type DIN EN 60529

  • Price computing scales

    Price computing scales mobile and compact

    Price computing scales are used wherever the price of goods is calculated dependent on the weight of the goods. These scales are subject to obligatory verification in accordance with European Directive 2014/31/EU. Usually, are verification class scales

    KERN mobile retail scales are compact in size and therefore save space on the sales counter. Thanks to the simple menu structure they are easy to use – saving time and money. Fitted with mains or rechargeable batteries as standard, price computing scales can be used in retail shops as well as on mobile sales stalls.

    All price computing scales from KERN have three displays showing you all important information at a glance:

    1. Weight display in kg (verifiable)
    2. Unit price in €/kg or €/100 g
    3. Total price in €

    NOTE: The KERN RFE range also displays the TARE or PRE-TARE value, which enables this value to be stored in a legally binding way in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act.

    Even the KERN entry level retail scales have direct access keys for memories (▸ PLU), The sales item with the relevant price can be stored against these PLU. In this way, frequently used sales items can called up at lightning speed. This accelerates customer service and reduces waiting times.

  • Counting scales

    Counting scales and Counting systems for large quantities

    Which counting scale for which application?

    Simple counting scale
    with self-explanatory user guidance on the keyboard. The graphic control panel enables you to start working immediately, without having to consult the user manual. Easy handling, value for money.

    Professional counting scale
    with 3 separate displays for reference weight (average weight of the pieces), total weight of all pieces and total quantity of all pieces. Very useful integrated memories, e.g. for container weight, item number, reference weight as well as audible and visual counting aids and an alphanumeric key pad for easy data entry.

    Counting systems for counting large quantities:
    The weighing capacities of bench counting scales are often not sufficient to count large quantities, units, palletized items, etc. Here high-performance counting systems come into operation, as these combine a high-precision reference scale with a high-capacity bulk scale.

  • Platform scales

    Platform scales robust and high-resolution

    with practical display device for greatest ease of use

    High mobility: thanks to rechargeable battery operation (optional), compact, lightweight construction, it is suitable for the use in several locations (laboratory, production, quality control, commissioning etc.)

    Platform: weighing plate stainless steel, painted steel base, silicone-coated aluminium load cell, protection against dust and water splashes IP65. Level indicator and levelling feet for precise levelling of the scale, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing result

  • Floor scales

    Floor scales - Drive-through scales - Weighing beams

    Robust aid for weighing large loads

    We offers a carefully coordinated range from affordable entry level models, to practical built-in solutions, up to the top level verified models made of stainless steel. Their common feature is the long-lasting industrial quality as well as the high level of protection against dust and spray. The installation, startup, and possible verification of floor, pallet, and drive-through scales require specialised knowledge, which is the basis for a successful sale.

    High-capacity scales – ideal for piece counting with large item quantities

    The weighing ranges of bench counting scales are often not sufficient to count large quantities, units, palletised items etc. This is where high-performance counting systems are employed as these combine a high-precision reference balance with a high-capacity bulk scale, such as e.g. floor scales, pallet scales or drive-through scales. Your personal KERN customer consultant will be happy to help you setting up the right high-capacity counting system.

  • Pallet scales

    High-resolution Pallet scales for weight control in industry and food trade with calibration approval [M] and a large number of data interfaces

  • Pallet truck scales

    Weighing and transporting – just one operation

    Speed up your warehouse and dispatch processes with the KERN pallet truck scales.

    Get the exact weight of a load and at the same time, transport it to a specific location, all in one operation. This reduces commissioning times and avoids queues in front of fixed floor scales.

    These mobile weighing solutions are space-saving and deliver reliable weighing results. Differences between given and actual weights can be determined quickly e.g. in the goods-in and out department. This uncovers inaccurate quantities, saves time and money and therefore ensures a very short amortisation period of the scales original cost.

    KERN offers a carefully coordinated range from the affordable entry level model to the comfort model with removable battery pack.

    KERN pallet truck scales are of robust industrial quality, with high-level protection against dust and water splashes, with high-contrast, easy-to-read displays as well as solid wheels and load rollers – all this helps to give you practical support in your work – day after day.

    Of course, all KERN pallet truck scales can also be calibrated and delivered with a DAkkS calibration certificate (optional). This ensures the high level of accuracy of your pallet truck scale.

  • Hanging scales

    Hanging scales – perfect for fast weighing of increased loads

    With the TÜV certification mark, the scales meet the requirements of the standard EN 13155 (Non-fixed load lifting attachments/ Breakage resistance) and EN 61010-1 (Electrical safety)

    Ideal for rapid control in goods-in and goods-out

    Hold function: For easy reading of the weighing result, the display can be “frozen” in different ways. Either automatically when the weighing value remains unchanged or manually by pressing the Hold key

  • Crane scales

    Crane scales High-resolution hanging scale for loads

    Professional device for robust applications in production, quality control, logistics etc. Because of its stable construction and robust design, it is ideal for continuous use in industrial environment

    High resolution readability: Readability [d] for 5 sec increased by one decimal place at the touch of a key, only for models with EC type approval

    Hold function: When the weighing value remains unchanged the weight indicated on the display is automatically “frozen” until the Hold key is pressed

    Tare: Resets the display to “0” when there is a load on the scale. Now removed or added loads are directly displayed

  • Components

    Components: Display devices and Platforms

  • Accessories

    Accessories industrial scales

  • Jeweler scales

    Jeweler scales

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Showing 1 - 36 of 502 items