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Balances & Test service for laboratory, industry and food industry

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  • 440

    Compact laboratory balance KERN 440

  • 572

    Precision balances KERN 572

  • 573

    Precision balances KERN 573

  • ABS / ABJ

    Analytical balance KERN ABS / ABJ

  • ABT

    Analytical balances KERN ABT

  • ADB

    Analytical balances KERN ADB

  • AES / AEJ

    Analytical balance KERN AES / AEJ

  • ALS / ALJ

    Analytical balance range with large weighing ranges - now also with EC type approval [M] or available as semi-micro analytical balance

  • TEE

    Pocket balances KERN TEE

  • TCB

    Pocket balances KERN TCB

  • TAB

    Pocket balances KERN TAB

  • CM

    Pocket balances KERN CM

  • EMB

    School balance KERN EMB

  • EMB-V

    Compact laboratory balance KERN EMB-V

  • EMS

    School balance KERN EMS

  • PCD

    Compact laboratory balance KERN PCD

  • PCB

    Compact laboratory balance KERN PCB

  • PFB

    Compact laboratory balance KERN PFB

  • PLE-N

    Compact laboratory balance KERN PLE-N

  • KB-N

    Precision balance KERN KB-N

  • EWJ

    Compact laboratory balance KERN EWJ

  • PLS / PLJ

    Precision balances KERN PLS / PLJ

  • PNS / PNJ

    Precision balances KERN PNS / PNJ

  • PLJ

    Precision balances KERN PLJ

  • EW-N / EG-N

    Precision balances KERN EW-N / EG-N

  • PBS / PBJ

    Precision balances KERN PBS / PBJ

  • PES / PEJ

    Precision balances KERN PES / PEJ

  • DAB

    Moisture analyser KERN DAB

  • DBS

    Moisture analyser KERN DBS

  • DLB

    Moisture analyser KERN DLB

  • MLS-D

    Moisture analyser KERN MLS-D

  • ECE / ECB

    Bench scales KERN ECE / ECB

  • FCE-N

    Bench scale KERN FCE-N

  • FCF

    Bench scale KERN FCF

  • FCB

    Bench scale KERN FCB

  • FKB

    Bench scale KERN FKB-A

  • GAB-N

    Bench scale KERN GAB-N

  • FKT

    Bench scale KERN FKT

  • GAT

    Bench scale KERN GAT

  • FOB

    Stainless steel bench scales KERN FOB-S / FOB-NS

  • WTB-N

    IP protected bench scale KERN WTB-N

  • FFN-N

    IP protected bench scale KERN FFN-N

  • FXN

    IP protected bench scale KERN FXN / FXN-N

  • SFB

    Stainless steel platform scale SFB

  • SXS

    Stainless steel platform scale KERN SXS

  • RIB

    Price computing scale KERN RIB

  • RPB

    Price computing scale KERN RPB

  • CXB

    Counting scale KERN CXB

  • CPB

    Counting scale KERN CPB

  • CFS

    Counting scale KERN CFS

  • CKE

    Counting scale KERN CKE

  • IFS

    Counting scale KERN IFS

  • CDS

    Counting scale KERN CDS

  • FKA

    Stocktake scale KERN FKA

  • FKC

    Counting system with stocktaking function KERN FKC

  • FKA

    Counting system KERN FKA

  • YRO

    Roller conveyor KERN YRO

  • EOA

    Parcel scale KERN EOA

  • EOE

    Parcel scale KERN EOE

  • EOB

    Parcel scales KERN EOB

  • EOS

    Parcel scales KERN EOS

  • DE

    Parcel scale KERN DE

  • EOC

    Industrial platform scale KERN EOC

  • IFB

    Industrial platform scale KERN IFB

  • DS

    Precision platform scale KERN DS

  • SFE

    IP protected platform scale KERN SFE

  • IXS

    IP protected platform scale KERN IXS

  • IKT

    Industrial platform scale KERN IKT

  • IFT

    Industrial platform scale KERN IFT

  • BIC

    Floor scale KERN BIC

  • BFB

    Floor scale KERN BFB

  • BFA

    Floor scale KERN BFA

  • BXS

    Floor scale KERN BXS

  • BFS

    Floor scale KERN BFS

  • BAN

    Floor scale KERN BAN

  • BFN

    Floor scale KERN BFN

  • BKN

    Floor scale KERN BKN

  • UFA

    Weighing beams KERN UFA

  • UFB

    Pallet scale KERN UFB

  • UFC

    Pallet scale KERN UFC

  • UFN

    Pallet scale KERN UFN

  • NFB

    Drive-through scale KERN NFB

  • NBB

    Drive-through scale KERN NBB

  • NFN

    Drive-through scale KERN NFN

  • VHP

    Axle load scale KERN VHP

  • VHE-A

    Pallet truck scale KERN VHE-A

  • VFB

    Pallet truck scale KERN VFB

  • HDB-N

    Hanging scales KERN HDB-N

  • CH

    Hanging scales KERN CH

  • HCB / HCN

    Hanging scales KERN HCB / HCN

  • HFA

    Crane scale KERN HFA

  • HFC

    Crane scale KERN HFC

  • HFB

    Crane scale KERN HFB

  • HFM

    Crane scales KERN HFM

  • HFO

    Industrial crane scales KERN HFO

  • HTS

    Crane scale KERN HTS

  • HFT

    Crane scale KERN HFT

  • YKN

    Matrix needle printer KERN YKN-01

  • YKB

    Thermal printer KERN YKB-01N

  • YKS

    Thermal statistics printer KERN YKS-01

  • YKE

    Thermal label printer KERN YKE-01

  • YKI

    RS-232 / Ethernet, Bluetooth- or  WLAN-Adapter KERN YKI

  • MSB / MSC / MSF

    Height rods KERN MSB / MSC / MSF

  • MBC

    Baby scale KERN MBC

  • MBB

    Baby scale KERN MBB

  • MBE

    Baby scale KERN MBE

  • MPE

    Personal floor scale KERN MPE

  • MPS

    Personal floor scale KERN MPS

  • MPB

    Personal floor scale KERN MPB

  • MPC

    Personal floor scale KERN MPC

  • MPD

    Step-on personal floor scale KERN MPD

  • MPT

    Obesity scale KERN MPT

  • MXS

    Obesity scale KERN MXS

  • MWA

    Wheelchair platform scale KERN MWA

  • MWS

    Wheelchair platform scale KERN MWS

  • MWS-L

    Stretcher scale KERN MWS-L

  • MTS

    Handrail scale KERN MTS

  • MTA

    Handrail scale KERN MTA

  • MCB

    Chair scale KERN MCB

  • Chair scale KERN MCC

    Chair scale KERN MCC

  • MAP

    Digital dynamometer KERN MAP

  • ABP

    Analytical balance KERN ABP

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Showing 1 - 36 of 134 items
Showing 1 - 36 of 134 items