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Digital force gauge SAUTER FS

  • 3,5" Touchscreen
  • Standard version with 2 or 4 measuring channels for external force sensors (subsequently expandable from 2 to 4)
  • An internal measuring cell is possible (is deactivated if an external measuring cell is plugged into slot 1)
  • Suitable for 4-wire and 6-wire sensors with strain gauges
  • Bridge supply voltage adjustable
  • Two-point or multi-point adjustment with weights or numerical adjustment possible
  • Connection of TEDS sensors (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) possible
  • USB interface for programming, data transfer and power supply as standard
  • Optional interfaces: WLAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, analogue current output (only possible individually)
  • Integrated SD card memory
  • Adjustable SI units kg, N, kN, Nm, kNm
  • Tolerance function
  • Storage of raw measured values for external evaluation
  • Peak hold function for recording the peak value or track function for continuous measurement display
  • Peak value measurement
  • Module for length measurement optional (then only use of 2 force sensors possible)
  • Mountable on SAUTER test benches

Technical data

  • High resolution: up to 10000 points per measurement channel
  • Internal measuring frequency: 1000 Hz per measuring channel
  • Measurement accuracy:
    • with internal measuring cell: 0.1 % of [Max]
    • with external measuring cell: among other things from the measuring cells used
  • Overall dimensions W×D×H 71×31×180 mm
  • Overload protection: 150 % of [Max] with internal measuring cell
  • Thread on load receptor: M6 (outside)
  • Battery operation internal, standard, operating time up to 8 h without backlight,
  • Charging time approx. 8 h
  • External mains adapter, for connection to the USB-C socket, standard
  • Net weight approx. 0,4 kg


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