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SAUTER TJ Test Stand
  • SAUTER TJ Test Stand

SAUTER TJ Test Stand

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Manual test stand TJLever test bench for measuring the thickness of layers, in particular of round objects


  • Suitable for all SAUTER measuring devices for layer thickness with external measuring head, such as for example SAUTER TG 1250-0.1FN. (not included)
  • Serves to increase the measuring precision through controlled handling
  • In particular with round objects this test stand, with its contoured bracket, offers a more secure base for more accurate measuring results
  • Layer thickness measurements are typically carried out to an accuracy level of 1 µm, which is 0.001 mm. When doing this, slight movements or changes in angle when guiding the sensor can cause significant distortion of the measuring result
  • These distortions are often unavoidable and can only be compensated for by repeating the operation many times
  • The SAUTER lever test stand TJ guarantees reliable measurements because the measuring head is guided properly
  • Your advantage: The bracket for the measuring head is fitted with two seperate screws
  • Furthermore, for the SAUTER measuring device for layer thickness with external sensors, the spring function for sensor security can be kept in the test stand – if adjusted precisely

Technical data

  • Maximum test object height: 300 mm
  • Net weight approx. 10,5 kg
  • Overall dimensions WxDxH 150x233x420 mm
Fast move: the total length of travel can be covered by a single lever movement.
2 years warranty


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Maximum carriage height 
above base plate