SAUTER TVP-L. Distance test stand
    • SAUTER TVP-L. Distance test stand

    SAUTER TVP-L Distance test stand

    410.00 €
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    Manual test stand with digital length meter

    • Provides quick and consistent testing
    • High level of security with repeated measurements
    • Provides maximum versatility and precise measuring results
    • Slide construction for distance measurement
    • Large base plate with various holes for fixture mountings
    • Digital length meter
      • - measuring range: 0,01 mm
      • - Zero setting possible
      • - Pre-length can be set manually
    • Maximum carriage height above base plate: 318 mm
    • Max travel with one stroke: 78 mm
    Fast move: the total length of travel can be covered by a single lever movement.
    Length measurement: captures the geometric dimensions of a test object or the movement during a test process.
    2 years warranty


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