Precisa XM60-HR Moisture analyzer
    • Precisa XM60-HR Moisture analyzer
    • Precisa XM60-HR Moisture analyzer
    • Precisa XM60-HR Moisture analyzer
    • Precisa XM60-HR Moisture analyzer

    Precisa XM 60-HR Moisture analyzer

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    Swiss made Vacuum fluorescent display External calibration RS232 interface for PC / printer Support IQ/OQ/PQ Anti-theft protection Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)

    • Choice of heat sources: Halogen, Infrared or Dark Radiator
    • Temperature range: 30-230°C / 1°C
    • Integrated balance 124 g / 0.1 mg
    • Memory 20 methods
    • Supplied with 30 aluminum dishes
    Heat sources

    Precisa XM 60-HR Moisture analyzer

    The XM60-HR moisture analyzer is the low-volume instrument for customers with low sample volumes and quantities. It is robust, perfectly accurate and simple to operate. Thanks to the high thermal values, moisture analyzer delivers quick and accurate results. Irrespective of your analysis criteria, the widest range of analysis options are at your disposal.

    READABILITY 0.001%

    High-end MASTER CLASS units for customers with limited number of methods. These instruments are robust, provide a high degree of precision and are simple to operate.


    • Sturdy construction, perfect for all laboratory and production environments
    • Weighing range up to 124 g
    • Readability up to 0.1 mg / 0.001%
    • High temperature range of 230 °C
    • Temperature step of 1 °C
    • Practical construction to enable easy cleaning
    • High contrast, bright vacuum fluorescent display
    • Memory storage of up to 20 methods
    • Interface RS232
    • Choice of radiation heat source: halogen, infrared, dark radiator
    • Input 115 V or 230 V (please specified by order)


    • Variety of start-up and end-point control selections for optimum control
    • Language independent prompts operated by symbol keys
    • Easy access sample holder


    • Results printed in GLP guideline format
    • Numerical and statistical analysis available
    • Real-time results shown in display
    • Special version without glass for the food industry

    Data sheet

    Weighing range [Max]
    124 g
    Readout [d]
    0.1 mg / 0.001%
    1 g / 0.1%, 10 g / 0.01 %
    0.2 mg
    Weighing plate dimensions
    Ø 100
    Net weight
    5,5 kg