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Industrial Scale Precisa IBK 30000G
  • Industrial Scale Precisa IBK 30000G
  • Industrial Scale Precisa IBK 30000G

Industrial Scale Precisa IBK 30000G 1g

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Swiss made Vacuum fluorescent display Self-Calibration-System Easy alphanumeric input RS232 interface for PC / printer Support IQ/OQ/PQ Anti-theft protection Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.) Below balance weighing

Variety of measurement units Percent weighing Piece counting Animal weighing Check weighing Net total application: Add up summation Free conversion Area conversion Statistics Recorder Automatic repeatability test


Premium industrial scale Precisa 490 Series

The Precisa 490 Series range of industrial scales stands for outmost Swiss precision. Built for all areas of industrial weighing where high precision is required. Exceptional performance features and built-in automatic self calibration system gives users full confidence in achieving accurate weighing results – approved and certified. The wide range of integrated applications makes the Series 490 first choice for every conceivable industrial weighing application. Ease-ofuse included.

The finest electro-magnetic force restoration system, which conforms to the highest metrological standards, secure that all weighing results are absolutely reliable.

Terminal IB User-friendly indicator

Standard keyboard layout with 10 keys. 4 freely definable function keys. Large digital display, 20 digit display information line. Vacuum fluorescent display. Weighing-in guide +/- Applications included: weight unit switching, counting, percent weighing, net totals, check weighing, animal weighing, totalisation, statistics, calculation, area weight calculation, Multi-User Memory (MUM).

Counting: advanced parts counting with multiple memory functions

Extended counting and storage functions with 1000 product storage positions, 250 stored tare-weights, nominal and tolerance values. Totalization, definition of print format, memory protection.

Check and reference weighing of finished products during the production process,

Establishing under or over filling using 500 article storage positions, 500 daily and weekly statistics, average tare weight calculation, machine identification, print format definition, memory protection.

SCS fully automatic self-calibration system

The PREMIUM 490 Series is equipped with a fully automatic time and temperature controlled internal calibration system (SCS). The SCS can be set to provide regular calibration at predetermined times or temperature changes in accordance with ISO and GLP guidelines. Additionally external calibration can be achieved via the Intelligent Calibration Mode (ICM) with a choice of external weights.

Versatile connectivity

The standard interface can work as RS232 or as Precisa BUS. 

RS232 is for single connection of

  • Printer
  • PC

Precisa BUS boxes for parallel connection of

  • Printer
  • PC
  • Signal Lamp
  • Barcode scanner
  • Remote display
  • I/O Box
  • Ethernet

Features IBK

  • Swiss made
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • Self-Calibration-System
  • Easy alphanumeric input
  • RS232 interface for PC / printer
  • EU/OIML type approval (optonal)
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)
  • Below balance weighing

Applications IBK

  • Variety of measurement units
  • Percent weighing
  • Piece counting
  • Animal weighing
  • Check weighing
  • Net total application: Add up summation
  • Free conversion Area conversion
  • Statistics
  • Recorder
  • Dynamic weighing and differential weighing (weighing on ship)
  • Minimum sample weight according to USP
  • Automatic repeatability test

Data sheet

Weighing range [Max]
30 100 g
Readout [d]
1 g
0.5 g
1 g
Weighing plate dimensions
400 x 300 mm
Material weighing plate
stainless steel
Protection class
IP 54
Option Verification
Class II / 1 g
Weighing units
Variety of units: g, mg, ozt, lb, tael, etc.
Net weight
15 kg