SAUTER TVO 500N500S Premium test bench

TVO 500N500S

Premium test bench in table-top version - now also with step motor

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  • Motorised test stand for tension an compression tests
  • New: Step motor for greatest ease of use
- for constant speed from the smallest to the maximum load 
- allows testing at minimum speed and full load 
- for higher positioning accuracy. Precise starting and stopping, without run-on, even at high speeds 
- precise adjustment of the process speed using the information shown on the display[/] 
  • A wide range of application possibilities because of its large travel path
  • Automatic or manual operation mode
  • Premium operating panel
- Digital speed display 
- Digital repeat function 
- Control of the test bench using SAUTER AFH PC software[/] 
  • Table-top design for comfortable operation
  • Installation options of all clamps up to 2 kN
Motorised drive: the mechanical movement is carried out by a motorised drive.
2 years warranty
Length measurement: captures the geometric dimensions of a test object or the movement during a test process.
PC software: to transfer the measurements from the device to a PC.


Item number
Measuring range

[Max] N
processing speed

TVO 500N500S
1 – 500
TVO 1000N500S
1 – 500
TVO 2000N500S
1 – 500


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