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Calibration weights for adjusting the scales

Tolerance of calibration weights class


  • Sets of weights
    <p>Sets of test weights in case</p>
  • Single weights
    <p>Single test weights</p>
  • Weight containers
    <p>Standardised weight containers for testing high-load floor scales, pallet scales, pallet truck scales, crane scales, etc. This can also be used for storing the weights. This means the weight container and the weights can be placed on the balance in one go, saving you time and money. The weight container is calibrated to OIML accuracy class M1</p>
  • Milligram weights
    <p>Milligram weights</p>
  • Hook weights
    <p><span class="artnam">Hook weights, finely turned brass</span></p>
  • Slotted weights
    <p>Slotted weights, finely turned brass</p>
  • Beam bars
    <p><span class="artnam">Beam bars for slotted weights, aluminium or finely turned stainless steel</span></p>
  • Rectangular weights
    <p>Rectangular weights, cast iron, lacquered or finely turned stainless steel</p>
  • Cases & boxes
    <p>Wooden box, Plastic case and Aluminium protected case for single weights and sets</p>
  • Accessories
    <p><span>Accessories for calibration weights</span></p>