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Ionisers to neutralise electrostatic charge in laboratory


Ionisers to neutralise electrostatic charge in laboratory

Weighing of non-conductive materials, work with powdery samples, use of plastic or porcelain tare vessels and low air humidity may cause weighing errors because of static electricity.

The weighing errors arise through the electrostatic forces that act between the weighing sample and the surroundings. These electrostatic charges can be measured by micro, semi-micro and analytical balances and lead to weighing errors.

The most effective method to neutralize static charges is ionization. Ionizing units produce both positive and negative ions that are attracted by the unbalanced material, resulting in neutralization.

All you need to do is direct the air stream of the ionizer on all areas, which may be charged by the static electricity and in a couple of seconds static charges will be neutralized.

Use of the ionizer will ensure accurate results and fast response time of the balance.