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Gauges measuring coating thicknesses

Coating thickness gauges

Coating thickness measurement

Measurement of coating thicknesses is known from, for example, the paint measurement for coating thickness at cars. In fact, these measurements are used much more widely in industrial applications. This is where the thickness of the surface finish is measured, such as galvanisation, zinc coating etc, or also lacquers.

Fundamentally there are two measuring principles for determining coating thickness:

Typ F: Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metals, such as iron or steel (magnetic induction principle). Here are some sample material combinations:

  1. aluminium, chrome, copper, rubber, lacquer on
  2. steel, iron, alloys, magnetic s tainless steel

Typ N: Insulating coatings on non-magnetic metals, such as aluminium (eddy current principle). Here are some sample material combinations:

  1. lacquer, paints, enamel, chrome, plastics on
  2. aluminium, brass, sheet metal, copper, zinc, bronze

Typ FN: All coatings as for type F and N on all metals as for type F and N (combination of magnetic induction and eddy current principle)