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Planetary stirring mixer ADE TWISTER

The robust planetary stirrer is ideal for stirring, kneading and mixing. The model is particularly suitable for kneading pizza, bread, shortcrust pastry and whipping whipped cream, various sauces and the like. The three selectable working speeds and the air-cooled motor allow reliable and high performance. The lever function ensures easy lowering of the mixing bowl for filling and removal.

  • Rugged and powerful model for stirring, kneading, whipping and mixing
  • Stirring of light doughs, choux pastry, mash etc.
  • Kneading of light doughs
  • Whipping of beaten egg white, cream etc.
  • Mixing of fillings
  • Operating speed is continuously variable
  • All components made of stainless steel, white painted stainless steel or food approved plastics
  • Whisk, flat mixer and dough hook
  • Easy to clean


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