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Crane scales

High-resolution crane scale for loads

Crane scales are used to record high loads in industry. The robust design of a crane scale allows it to be used in harsh industrial environments, but of course also in the retail, food and logistic sectors. The crane scales are attached to the hook of the crane and the goods to be weighed are attached to the lower hook of the crane scales for weighing.

Crane scales are used to weigh hanging loads. It is an inexpensive solution for overhead path applications, e.g. E.g. recycling, metal processing, mechanical engineering, transport and logistics. The weight simply has to be hung freely on the digital hanging scale or crane scale. A shackle or a hook are available for this. The safety tab (snap hook) prevents the load from slipping. These hooks can optionally be rotatable. Crane scales may only be subjected to tension.

The weighing range of a crane scale should be chosen so that the expected maximum load 2/3 of the max. permissible nominal load of the crane scale does not exceed. When lifting the crane, unexpected forces arise which can overload the load cell. An overload can damage the balance, which is a significant safety risk. Since the crane scale is part of the lifting equipment, it is advisable to check the scale regularly for excessive wear or damage.


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