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Floor scales

Floor scales - Drive-through scales - Weighing beams

Robust aid for weighing large loads

We offers a carefully coordinated range from affordable entry level models, to practical built-in solutions, up to the top level verified models made of stainless steel. Their common feature is the long-lasting industrial quality as well as the high level of protection against dust and spray. The installation, startup, and possible verification of floor, pallet, and drive-through scales require specialised knowledge, which is the basis for a successful sale.

High-capacity scales – ideal for piece counting with large item quantities

The weighing ranges of bench counting scales are often not sufficient to count large quantities, units, palletised items etc. This is where high-performance counting systems are employed as these combine a high-precision reference balance with a high-capacity bulk scale, such as e.g. floor scales, pallet scales or drive-through scales. Your personal KERN customer consultant will be happy to help you setting up the right high-capacity counting system.