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Stainless steel scales protected against dust and water splashes

Stainless steel scales

Stainless steel scales protected against dust and water splashes

Scales used in industrial situations or the food industry are often exposed to extreme stresses and strains. Water, oils, fats, varnish, dust, dirt, flour, small parts etc. are all natural enemies of a scale. In industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing industries, etc. scales must be able to cope with these stresses without this affecting their performance.

For use in such harsh environmental conditions, levels of protection are defined, which specify which environmental stresses a system can be exposed to with respect to the level of contact, foreign object and moisture protection, without damage being caused to the unit. These levels of protection are described in the following standard: “DIN EN 60529: protection types through housing” The IP code usually consists of a two-digit combination, which gives the relevant level of protection, e.g. IP68.

High quality stainless steel

All stainless steel components of the IP65...68 protected KERN stainless steel scales are made of corrosion-resistant steel of quality class 1.4301 (DIN X5CrNi18-10). The material properties support you in your HACCP-compliant quality system.


Stainless steel scales Protection type DIN EN 60529