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Measurement technology for industry, laboratories and quality assurance


Measurement technology for industry, laboratories and quality assurance


  • Force measurement
    <p>Mechanical and digital force gauge</p>
  • Torque measurement
    <h2>Measurement of static and dynamic rotary forces</h2> <p>Dynamic rotary force measurement is typically carried out using torque sensors on test objects which are rotated – during the movement.</p> <p>Static rotary force measurement, on the other hand, is always carried out when the item is at rest.</p> <p>The SAUTER range includes static torque measuring devices for determining the force expended when opening rotary or screw caps of bottles.</p> <p>Further typical applications of static torque measuring devices are testing of assembly tools for screws and nuts, in particular torque keys and mechanical assembly tools such as cordless electric screw drivers.</p>
  • Coating thickness gauges
    <h2>Coating thickness measurement</h2> <p>Measurement of coating thicknesses is known from, for example, the paint measurement for coating thickness at cars. In fact, these measurements are used much more widely in industrial applications. This is where the thickness of the surface finish is measured, such as galvanisation, zinc coating etc, or also lacquers.</p> <p>Fundamentally there are two measuring principles for determining coating thickness:</p> <p><strong>Typ F</strong>: Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metals, such as iron or steel (magnetic induction principle). Here are some sample material combinations:</p> <ol><li>aluminium, chrome, copper, rubber, lacquer <strong>on</strong></li> <li>steel, iron, alloys, magnetic s tainless steel</li> </ol><p><strong>Typ N</strong>: Insulating coatings on non-magnetic metals, such as aluminium (eddy current principle). Here are some sample material combinations:</p> <ol><li>lacquer, paints, enamel, chrome, plastics <strong>on</strong></li> <li>aluminium, brass, sheet metal, copper, zinc, bronze</li> </ol><p><strong>Typ FN</strong>: All coatings as for type F and N on all metals as for type F and N (combination of magnetic induction and eddy current principle)</p>
  • Wall thickness...
    <p><span>Wall thickness measurement</span></p>
  • Hardness testing of...
    <p><span>Hardness testing of plastics (Shore)</span></p>
  • Hardness testing of...
    <p><span>Hardness testing of metals (Leeb)</span></p>
  • Light and sound measuring
    <p>Light and sound measuring</p>
  • Gold testing
    <p>Ultrasound measuring instruments for testing the authenticity of gold and silver</p> <div id="gtx-trans"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>
  • Length measurement
    <p><span>Length measurement</span></p>
  • Clamping tools
    <p><span>Clamping tools and test devices</span></p>
  • Configurable clamping...
    <p><span>Configurable clamping tools</span></p>
  • Humidity and Moisture
    <p>Humidity and Moisture measuring instruments</p>
  • Temperature
    <p>Temperature measuring instruments</p>
  • Pressure
    <p>Pressure measuring instruments</p>
  • Analyze airflow
    <p>Measuring for Building infrastructure and Indoor air quality testing</p>
  • Laser levels
    <p>From point and line to rotary lasers, PLS laser levels provide bright, crisp reference points and lines for quick and accurate layout of many interior or exterior jobs. As the Professional Standard, PLS tools were developed out of necessity by professional contractors with over 50 years of experience in commercial and residential interior and exterior layout.</p> <p>As a Fluke Company, PLS has incorporated Fluke's high standards for accuracy, ruggedness, and dependability so you can trust your laser will maintain its precision for years to come.</p>
  • RPM measurements
    <p>RPM measurements</p>