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Kitchen cutter ADE ROTOMAT

The kitchen cutter works in a matter of seconds when shredding, cutting, crumbling, beating, mixing and homogenizing. This kitchen cutter ensures perfect processing of vegetables, herbs, cooked meat, fish, cheese, nuts etc. in various degrees of fineness. This machine is also ideally suited for pureeing food (e.g. in old people's homes).

  • Grinding, cutting, crumbling, whiping, mixing and homogenizing is only a matter of seconds
  • Processing of vegetables, herbs, meat and cheese, for various degrees of fineness
  • Perfect pureeing of dishes, for example in senior-citizens homes
  • Continuously variable speed control for choosing exactly the right rotation speed
  • Housing and bowl made of stainless steel
  • Horizontal rotating sickle knives made of stainless steel for perfect cutting
  • Bowl with opening and handles for easy operation
  • Working without risk: while opening the lid, the motor is automatically shut off


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