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Bread slicing machine ADE PANIS

The special bread slicer cuts every bread with its hard chrome-plated, long toothed knife made of special steel. Whether thin or thick slices, the cutting thickness is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 27 mm. Due to its slanted backwards moving sword and the motor mounted under the slide, this model offers particularly great freedom of cut. Thanks to the slight inclination of the sledge and knife, the bread slicer is as easy to use as a bevel cutter.

  • Slicing machine with toothed blade especially made for cutting bread
  • Two features guarantee big cutting space: The obliquely offset running back feed plate and the position of the motor, which is relocated below the carriage
  • Comfort of a sloped slicer due to the slope of the carriage and the knife
  • Solid housing in anodized aluminium
  • Carriage, feed plate and protective sickle made of durable light metal and fully anodized
  • Air-cooled motor with extremely hushed propulsion
  • The long-toothed and chrome-plated blade is made of special steel and guarantees a fine cutting result
  • Infinitely variable adjustment: 0-27 mm
  • Four suction feet for safe standing
  • Slightly hingable carriage for effortless cleaning
  • Free running roller on food carriage to support high cutting precision


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