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Scales and Machinery for catering and commercial food services


Scales and Machinery for catering and commercial food services


  • Food Scales
    <p><span>Scales help you every step of the way from goods receipt to preparing the finest of delicacies, satisfying your every need. Scales à la carte: recipe scales, floor scales, wall scales, drive-thru scales, pallet truck scales …, mechanical or electronic – the choice is yours …</span></p>
  • Food Machinery
    <p><span>Chefs, butchers, bakers &amp; Co. will find the perfect tool here to ensure first-class results when chopping and preparing foodstuffs: slicing machinery (mechanical and electronic), mincers, cutters, vegetable slicers, planetary-gear mixers, hand blenders, etc., etc.</span></p>
  • Food Equipment
    <p>Anyone who serves up a large table must be well positioned. The hygienic insect killer and the versatile ADE plate stacking systems show how this works. The worldwide unique plate stackers are available for mounting on the wall, for setting up at the buffet or as a mobile plate trolley. They hold up to 168 large, small, round or square plates for weddings or banquets. And after the party, the clever helpers can be cleared out of the way to save space.</p>