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Pallet truck scales - weighing and transporting in just one operation

Pallet truck scales

Weighing and transporting – just one operation

Speed up your warehouse and dispatch processes with the KERN pallet truck scales.

Get the exact weight of a load and at the same time, transport it to a specific location, all in one operation. This reduces commissioning times and avoids queues in front of fixed floor scales.

These mobile weighing solutions are space-saving and deliver reliable weighing results. Differences between given and actual weights can be determined quickly e.g. in the goods-in and out department. This uncovers inaccurate quantities, saves time and money and therefore ensures a very short amortisation period of the scales original cost.

KERN offers a carefully coordinated range from the affordable entry level model to the comfort model with removable battery pack.

KERN pallet truck scales are of robust industrial quality, with high-level protection against dust and water splashes, with high-contrast, easy-to-read displays as well as solid wheels and load rollers – all this helps to give you practical support in your work – day after day.

Of course, all KERN pallet truck scales can also be calibrated and delivered with a DAkkS calibration certificate (optional). This ensures the high level of accuracy of your pallet truck scale.