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Mechanical force gauge

Mechanical force measurement

Our mechanical force gauges are high-precision instruments for testing the quality, strength or functionality of components or products. The mechanical force gauges from SAUTER check both compression and tension (pressure and tension). The peak force can be recorded with the needle on the tip indicator, and the tare ring compensates for the weight of the attachments. KERN force gauges consist of a high-performance metal housing and all metal components so that you can maintain your calibration for years with the right care. These mechanical dynamometers never require charging or batteries and are intrinsically safe in hazardous environments.


Every mechanical force gauge contains a selection of tension and compression attachments. Optional compression plates, hooks, and handles provide a variety of ways to grasp and apply force to specimens.

Mechanical force measuring ranges

Force testers are available in areas with low capacities up to 10 N or kg with a measurement accuracy of up to ± 0.05 N. High capacity force testers range up to 500 N or kg with a measurement accuracy of up to ± 2.5 N.

SAUTER is certified according to ISO 9001 and every measuring device is calibrated according to an ISO / IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.


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