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KERN PCD 250-3 Precision balance 1 mg
  • KERN PCD 250-3 Precision balance 1 mg

KERN PCD 250-3 Precision balance 1 mg

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Adjusting program (CAL): For quick setting of the balance's accuracy. External adjusting weight required. Data interface RS-232: To connect the balance to a printer, PC or network GLP/ISO log: with weight, date and time. Only with KERN printers, see Accessories Piece counting: Reference quantities selectable. Display can be switched from piece to weight. Recipe level A: Separate memory for the weight of the tare container and the recipe ingredients (net total). Percentage determination: Displays the deviation from the reference weight (100%) in % instead of grams. Weighing units: Can be switched to e.g. nonmetric units at the touch of a key. See balance model. Vibration-free weighing: (Animal weighing program) Vibrations are filtered out so that a stable weight is obtained. Battery operation: The battery type is specified for each device. Universal mains adapter: with universal input and optional input socket adapters for EU, GB, USA Strain gauge: An electrical resistor strip that is glued to an elastic deforming body made of aluminium. As the strain gauge is mechanically deformed its resistance value changes, allowing 2 years warranty

Laboratory balance with separate platform: Ideal when working in a glove bag or fume cupboard. Particularly practical for weighing toxic, volatile or contaminated substances

PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, useful for checking fill-levels

Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display direct in special units such as length of thread g/m, paper weight g/m², or similar

Level indicator and levelling feet for precise levelling of the scale, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing result

Protective working cover included with delivery


PCD 250-3

Data sheet

Weighing range [Max]
Readout [d]
1 mg
2 mg
5 mg
min. Piece weight [Counting]
Weighing plate dimensions
Ø 105 mm
Material weighing plate
Weighing units
mg ozt tl g mo lb tl dwt ct tl gn oz
Net weight
1,2 kg