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  • Precision balances

    Precision balances in high quality

    offer you all the tools you would need for effective and accurate work in your laboratory environment. All important laboratory functions such as a recipe weighing function or data interfaces are on board at all times. But above all, the high-quality measuring principles of these balances such as force compensation or tuning fork measuring principle, allow them to be used in dosing procedures with very small weight changes and rapid display. In addition these balances are often fitted with automatic internal adjustment, which permits calibrated operation and means the balance can be used in any location.

    Standard and basic precision balances

    are used in laboratory applications mostly as single-user balances for sample preparation, etc. They are fitted with all useful laboratory functions which will support the user in a helpful way. With their strain gauge measuring principle, they are used anywhere where individual weighings are carried out, such as, for example, checkweighing. These devices are often connected to printers or local Pcs using the standard, integrated RS-232 data interface.

    Precision balances for education

    are entry-level devices in the field of laboratory balances, and they cover basic applications. They feature simple operation and the very best price/performance ratio. In addition they usually can be stacked and can also be operated by battery, as an alternative to mains power, which means that they have the flexibility to be used in different locations.

  • Analytical balances

    Analytical Balances Premium class

    are right at the top of the precision balance segment. The numerous equipment features of the standard balances are complemented by high-quality materials with robust, sturdy construction, high-quality, high-performance weighing systems, optimised operating sequences, speed benefits and in some cases, the most modern touchscreen technology. With its touchscreen technology a premium laboratory balance will support your users in their typical procedures. In this way these scales can be operated more efficiently and quickly than devices from other quality classes. In particular these balances are used in demanding laboratory applications and anywhere where the environmental conditions are not ideal because of vibrations or other interference, but where, naturally, the balance is expected to provide accurate weighing results. Another field of application for these balances is the pharmaceutical industry, which is subject to particularly demanding requirements and authorities such as, for example, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

  • Moisture analysers

    Moisture analyzer with high-quality halogen quartz glass heater and particularly user-friendly

    Moisture analysing is an integral part of production and processing of many raw and finished products and has a crucial impact on the quality of the product.

    Moisture analysers are used particularly in the food industry, water resource management (sewage plants, etc.), plastics industry, agriculture and the energy industry (bio-energy plants, etc.).

    Determining moisture requires a great deal of experience. Depending on the type of sample and the task involved, various drying processes are used.

    KERN has concentrated on the most widely-used drying method: halogen drying, which brings many advantages:

    • Sample is evenly warmed from above, without risk of burning the sample surface
    • Affordable purchase costs ensure rapid amortisation of the device
    • Most common temperature ranges from 35 – 200 °C
    • High measuring precision, up to 0.01 %
    • Sufficient buffer capacity, weighing capacity up to 200 g
    • Various drying programs (soft drying, standard drying, drying in levels, rapid drying (Boost))

    The numerous memories of the KERN moisture analyser are particularly useful, as they hold information on the complete drying processes with drying parameters such as drying time, drying period, drying temperature, display settings, switch off criteria, etc. This saves an enormous amount of time and helps to achieve repeatable results.

    On the internet, you will find a practical application handbook containing many examples, field reports, settings and tips for each KERN moisture analyser.

  • Accessories

    Precision balance accessories

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Showing 1 - 36 of 306 items