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Ultrasonic thickness gauge SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE

Ultrasonic thickness gauge SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE

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Calibration block: standard for adjusting or correcting the measuring device. Scan mode: continuous capture and display of measurements. Memory: Balance contains memories, e.g. for tare weights, weighing data, item data, PLU etc. USB data interface: To connect the balance to a printer, PC or other peripherals. Weighing with tolerance range: Upper and lower limiting can be programmed individually, e. g. sorting and portioning. Resets the display to zero Battery operation: The battery type is specified for each device.

Material thickness pulse-echo [Max] (mm)600 mm
Material thickness pulse-echo [Min] (mm)0,7 mm
Material thickness echo-echo [Max] (mm)100 mm
Material thickness echo-echo [Min] (mm)3 mm
Measuring range pulse-echo0,7 mm – 600 mm
Measuring range echo-echo3 mm – 100 mm
Readability material thickness [d] (mm)0,01 mm
Tolerance (% of [Max])0,4%
Unitsmm, inch
Speed of sound [Max] (m/s)19999 m/s
Speed of sound [Min] (m/s)200 m/s
Speed of sound200 m/s – 19999 m/s
Measuring head measuring frequency5 MHz
Battery2×1.5 V AA
Memory function
Statistic function
Limit-setting function
Continuous capture possible
Material housingplastic
Dimensions completely mounted (W×D×H)31×69×130 mm
Cable length1 m

SAUTER TO 100-0.01EE Material thickness gauge for ultrasonic material thickness testing in Echo-Echo principle

  • Premium thickness gauge device using ultrasonic technology: New NT measuring technology generation with automatic sensor adjustment (V-path correction for improved accuracy and more rapid display speed)
  • Dual measuring modes to determine material thickness:
  • - Pulse-Echo mode (up to 600 mm)
  • - Echo-Echo mode (up to 100 mm)
  • Echo-Echo measurement: Determining the actual thickness of materials regardless of any existing coating, such as, for example, paint or an anti-corrosion coating on the base metal. In this way, the wall thickness, for example of pipes, can be determined in a non-destructive manner, without having to remove the coating and the measurement can be shown on the display, with the adjustment for the coating thickness taken into account
  • Can be used on these materials, as well as others: Metals, plastics, ceramics, composite materials, epoxy, glass and other materials
  • High-precision mode: Readout accuracy can be switched from 0.1 mm to 0.01 mm
  • Premium display with colour TFT display (320×240 mm) with adjustable brightness so that it can be read easily in any environmental conditions
  • Large internal data memory for up to 100 data sets each with 100 individual values
  • Energy-saving operation with 2× AA batteries and an operating time of at least 30 hours, adjustable power-off time (sleep mode) and adjustable display switch-off (standby mode)
  • USB data output for easy data download from the device memory to the PC, as standard
  • Triple-calibration mode: Automatic 0-point adjustment, 1-point adjustment at a specified material thickness, 2-point precision adjustment with two specified material thicknesses
  • 3 different measurement modes with standard measuring (single measurement), scan mode (for continuous measurement and display of the ACTUAL value, the MIN and MAX value of the measuring sequence) and DIFF mode with calculation of the difference between the ACTUAL measured value and a manually defined nominal thickness
  • Limit alarm function: Upper and lower limit adjustable. The measurement process is supported by an audible and visual signal
  • Menu languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, IT
  • Date and time can be adjusted. It is possible to store the measurement values with a time stamp
  • Standard measuring probe SAUTER ATU-US12 included with delivery
  • Scope of delivery: Operating instructions, batteries, external measuring head (∅ 10 mm) and ultrasound contact gel
  • Delivered in a robust carrying case
  • Interface cable SAUTER FL-A01 (for use of the software) included
TO 100-0.01EE