Manual shore test stand SAUTER TI-DL
    • Manual shore test stand SAUTER TI-DL
    • Manual shore test stand SAUTER TI-DL

    SAUTER TI-DL Manual shore test stand for HDD

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    Lever operated test stand for hardness testing with base plate made of glass


    Compatible withHDD
    Hardness scalesShore D
    Test force Hardness measurement50 N
    Material housingmetal, lacquered
    Dimensions completely mounted (W×D×H)150×200×580 mm
    Versandgewicht10,2 kg

    Fast move: the total length of travel can be covered by a single lever movement. 2 years warranty

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    Manual shore test stand SAUTER TI-DL

    • For Shore hardness testing of plastics, leather etc.
    • Glass plate: Providing a higher base hardness and superior accuracy
    • Mechanical construction: Robust design for precise measuring
    • Level adjustment: For the precise levelling of the base plate blate
    • Adjustable base plate for the correction of inhomogeneous test objects
    • Hardness tester not included


    • 1. The SAUTER hardness testing device HDD is fitted in a suspended position
    • 2. The test object is placed on the round testing table right under the durometer pin
    • 3. By lowering the handle lever, the measurement instrument is pressed in a controlled manner into the test object

    The accuracy of the displayed result is approx. 25 % higher than in a manual operated test